Welcome to Cafe Dunhagi

photo (4)Welcome to Cafe Dunhagi the cultural center that offers a taste of the local cuisine.
This is where history meets nature.

Cafe Dunhagi is a restaurant that specializes in fresh fish, Icelandic lamb, vegetarian specials and homemade breads and desserts.  We use local herbs and and fresh picked wild salad from the fjord.  Here you can enjoy a wonderful selection of wine and beer while meandering through the local history all the while being engulfed by bird colonies.

Stop by for a coffee, beautiful dinner or lunch on our terrace or plug into to the internet while enjoying our delicious cakes.  We are proud to offer you high quality local  ingredients, local history, Tourist information and a memorable ambiance for the road.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives.”

 -Oscar Wilde



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